martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

why do we need OKFN Spain?

Unfortunately if you're reading it is quite likely that you will be a 'advocate' on open data and other open issues. Therefore, I have not to convince you of anything.

However I will assume that fate has brought you here and that you do not belong to the advocate 'group'.
Maybe you have arrived here by tired of seeing idle resources than only need to be shared to create value, or perhaps by the apparent inability of our form of government or even because you want a quicker progress of science or finally  because you think that there are new ways of doing business or to influence society.

All these points and much more fit under the concept of open. It is true that there is no scientific demonstrations that openness is proved to be more beneficial to the overall society. But the opposite statement (promoting closeness, competition and restriction) neither have proved to be better.

We have long lived under the paradigm of competition and the power of secrecy. But some people believe think that there is too much to be created to waste time and resources restricting access.
As individuals, as a society and as a civilization we can not afford that luxury.
From my point of view, and it is only one of many, this is the goal of this initiative.
And to do it from a global perspective, belonging to a global network and acting local.
So if you read this I invite you to join this initiative (or other more related you under this paradigm).
It's not an easy road, there are enemies of open, and internal forks could be even more damaging than enemies. Even more we lived people who thought themselves to be deified and lead the efforts of many to the dustbin.
These errors, and others, are well known and we know to avoid them but wa rea aware that there will be other unknown.
Anycase, the biggest mistake would be not to try it.

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