domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Assessing opendata sources with MELODA


Stages 1 to 5 for every dimension (legal, technical and accessibility) are marked as 0, 25, 50,75 and 100%
Every dimension is weighted equal than the others. So that the global mark for an individual datasource is composed by one third of every mark.
Global assessing of an institution that releases data is the average of the mark of every datasource released by this institution.


Institution A releases an opendata source that you are assessing. It is released as a csv file without further instructions about its content only for private use through a unique URL.
Legal assessing : Stage 2 → 25%
Technical assessing: Stage 2 → 25%
Accessibility assessing: Stage 3 → 50%
global mark (25% +25% +50% )/3 = 33,3%

The institution A which releases previous example has 2 additional sources apart from the above mentioned, one marked with 58% and another one marked 16%.
So that the final MELODA assessing for the institution is:
global mark (33,3% +58% +16% )/3 = 35,8%

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